Travel Safety Training

Our travel safety training "Safety Abroad" helps managing directors, business travellers or expats with families to ensure their stay abroad will be as safe as possible.

You will be trained to prevent and to deal in an appropriate, controlled and effective manner with stress-generating situations such as

  • Theft
  • Confidence tricks
  • Kidnapping
  • Illness
  • Unforeseen catastrophic situations

Through case studies, interactive role-plays, exercises and insider tips, we prepare you in the best possible way so ensure you are travelling and returning home safely.

A Safe Journey Abroad with Safety Abroad


  • How and where can I find information about my destination country and possible dangers?
  • Personal assessment: How do I react to stress?
  • How can I (re-)direct my stress reaction?
  • Perception and misperception
  • How did I become the victim?
  • Crime structures
  • How do I recognize critical situations?
  • And how do I behave correctly in various critical situations?
  • Tips for practical implementation in daily life and on business travels


  • Exercises with the car
  • Simulating attacks
  • Discussion rounds on how to self-defend and prevent crimes
  • Case studies


  • Preparing expats and business travellers for the dangers in other countries
  • Increasing their sense of security (and their families’)
  • Measure to meet the employer’s duty of care for the travel protection of the employees according to §§ 617 - 619 BGB (duty of care of the enterprise) and §§ 3, 4, 9, 10, 13, 25, 26 ArbSchG (law for the protection during employment)
  • It provides practical information for travel risk managers and travel arrangers to implement travel policies
  • Possibility to save costs through prevention
  • Protection of the corporate image