Off to foreign lands with support!

Your international assignment is coming? Relax and enjoy while we take care of all the details.

As a complimentary service to our cross-cultural training offers, we offer you relocation services and basic support services for your international assignment or for your return home. Whether you need assistance with the residence permit, the search for an apartment, moving into your new home or school matters for your children, thanks to our international network we can support you in all these matters, in Germany and worldwide.

We can deliver useful information on your new place of residence and take care of formalities such as dealing with the authorities, opening an account and more.

We can take over the termination of the rental agreement, the renovation, the final cleaning and the handover of the apartment or property.

We will help you with the entry requirements and with the visa application or with obtaining the work and residence permit.

We support you, for example, with the accreditation of your professional experiences or find suitable employment opportunities on site.

We support you, for example,

  • with an orientation tour
  • when obtaining a driver‘s license
  • with the rental apartment management
  • with a passenger car registration
  • in dealing with administrative procedures

We also offer

  • forwarding services
  • a self-storage facility in Frankfurt