Country-Specific Trainings

You need to be comfortable to work well.

This requires mutual understanding, communication that works and applied know-how. To ensure that you remain successful across cultural borders, we offer intercultural trainings on 89 target countries and cross-cultural regions.

We combine the "hard" management topics with the "soft" features of cross-cultural communication. And we make sure that all factors that affect your international cooperation are taken into account in our seminars.

That is why we reflect on attitudes and behavior, pass on important knowledge about the culture and take into account the human/cultural/situation constellation. Our trainings address all five senses.

Our formats are diverse and easily adaptable.

Our methods are interactive and close to your work reality.

Are you about to be relocated or do you have to prepare an international assignment? You will find further information on our Expatriate training site.

Our Top 10

All SinaLingua Seminars

89 Target Countries and Cross-Cultural Regions

Further Trainings

Special Seminars

Our special cross-cultural management seminars allow you to deal with specific topics in detail.

Multinational kick-off events

Colleagues and partners from different locations come together for a working period at the parent company. We are happy to design and moderate the kick-off in order to strengthen the team spirit, to accompany the process of getting to know each other and to initiate the taking into account of intercultural differences.

Travel Safety Trainings

Prepare for your safety and well-being on your next business trip with our "Safety Abroad" training course.


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