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Cross-Cultural Trainings Expatriate Training

What does SinaLingua offer?

Cross-Cultural Trainings

Our trainings are available

  • For 89 countries worldwide in 18+ language
  • For 10+ cross-cultural regions
  • With a focus on the business topics of your choice

Basic structure of our trainings:

  • Own cultural imprint vs. foreign culture
  • Reflection of 3 influences: culture, person, situation
  • Interactive, practical and multilingual

Expatriate Training

Our expatriate trainings include topics such as

  • Society and Social Affairs
  • Business topics of your choice
  • Everyday life and your questions about relocating

Features of our expatriate trainings:

  • Insider tips for your new hometown
  • Accompanying partners and children are welcome to join
  • Interactive, practical and multilingual

All-Round Service

Furthermore, we offer

  • Relocation services
  • Language services
  • Travel safety trainings
  • Sino-German school and education projects and delegation support

Our company is located in Germany and Shanghai.

In addition, we have partners in 9 countries and offer relocation services worldwide.

SinaLingua – At home in the World