International Assignments

Expatriate Training vs. Cross-Cultural Training

How does an expatriate training differ from a cross-cultural training at SinaLingua?

For us, international assignments are not only defined in business terms, but are also seen as a "family matter". As family and personal life as well as career situations of all participants are decisively influenced and realigned, it is essential to make sure that all members are “on board” and well prepared for the change.

An international assignment can only be successful if the entire family feels comfortable in their new home country! For this reason, it is important to us that the whole family, including children, participate in our expatriate trainings.

In contrast to our regular cross-cultural training

  • We include the whole family of the expatriate in the expatriate training
  • Our expatriate trainings last 2 days to prepare you thoroughly for your new home country and the changing work and private life in the new culture
  • We take at least half a day to discuss personal matters, such as everyday life, questions about the school and health system as well as the career opportunities for the accompanying partner

In the section "Preparation for an International Assignment" you will find all our services that support your international assignment as well as an exemplary training program.