Intercultural Tools

What are the assessment tools of SinaLingua for?

Our add-ons enable you to design your seminar even more individually and to increase your intercultural competence through a realistic self-assessment. In addition to our blended learning concept, which digitally enhances your training, we offer two additional tools for different target groups: The Culture Compass™ and The International Profiler™.


The Culture Compass™

Content & Goals

The Culture Compass™ (TCC) is a questionnaire developed on the basis of the research by Geert Hofstede. It is an ideal preparation for a classroom seminar.

The questionnaire helps you to prevent cultural misunderstandings when dealing with people who grew up in a different culture than you.

The questionnaire measures your personal preferences in the following Hofstede categories:

  • Power distance
  • Individualism vs. collectivism
  • Masculinity vs. femininity
  • Uncertainty avoidance
  • Short or long term alignment
  • Compliance vs. control

On the one hand, you can identify your own preferences in the different areas, for example, your position on power distance. On the other hand, you can also see to what extent your preferences differ from or coincide with the general preferences in the comparative culture.

In this way, you can see which obstacles you are most likely to encounter with people from the target culture and you can understand differences.

The test consists of 42 pairs of statements that will be answered on a 5-point scale.

Target group, Procedure & Advantages

Target Group:

  • All persons who are internationally active


  • Filling in the online questionnaire (approx. 15 min)
  • You will receive your profile and a written report of approximately 5 pages. The evaluation differentiates between whether you act as a superior, subordinate, knowledge mediator or colleague.

Your Advantages:

  • The Culture Compass™ helps you to assess your capabilities in your global interaction
  • You get a clear idea of what skills are needed for your international tasks


The Hofstede Insights Culture Compass™

The International Profiler™

Content & Goals

The International Profiler™ (TIP) is a standardized psychometric questionnaire developed by World Work Ltd. to help you and your team assess your individual skills for international collaboration.

The questionnaire determines where you and your team stand and what gap you need to fill to get to where you want to go. You will learn, for example, how to communicate and make new contacts in an efficient way or how you can improve your international working and leadership style.

Possible areas for development are identified by the International Profiler™ and concrete options for improvement are pointed out. Thus, it serves as an ideal preparation and consulting basis to determine which training or coaching measure is most suitable for the needs of your team.

It can only be booked in combination with a cross-cultural training or coaching as the results are evaluated in a detailed feedback discussion.

The TIP© records 10 competencies and 22 related skills, attitudes and knowledge areas on the basis of 80 questions.

Target Group, Procedure & Advantages

Target Group:

  • Employees working in international project teams
  • Specialists and managers who are preparing for an international assignment
  • Junior managers who are preparing for global tasks


  • Filling in the online questionnaire (approx. 45 min)
  • You will then receive your profile and a written report of approximately 26 pages
  • Personal feedback from a licensed trainer in the subsequent cross-cultural training
  • Feedback includes suggestions for concrete steps to be taken and a personal development plan

Your Advantages:

  • You recognize your own strengths for global interaction as well as which competences are required for your international task
  • On request, the acquired knowledge can be used as basis in an ensuing training or coaching session
  • Dynamics of the international team will be recognized and can be influenced in a positive way