Worldwide Cooperation Partners

In addition to our relocation services, we offer on-site support and various training formats in the countries listed below.

No matter where you are or will be in the near future – SinaLingua is right there by your side!

Cross-cultural coaching or team building?

Apartment search or language course?

No matter what you might need abroad, we are right on site with our local, competent partners.

The worth of China for the world economy goes without saying. It is at once sales market, production location and home to new partnerships and investors. That is why knowledge of its culture is crucial. Those who know and understand the different social characteristics will be able to achieve their own goals.

China is our core competence. With a Sino-German CEO and founder and a sister company in Shanghai, we are ideally positioned to support you competently and from an insider's perspective.

We offer the following services in China and German-speaking countries:

  • Trainings and coaching on Chinese Business Culture
  • Cross-cultural team building with Chinese employees and employees of other origin
  • Cross-cultural lessons for schools in China
  • Delegation support
  • Educational exchange projects
  • Market entry analysis and support
  • Language services
  • Relocation services and many more

We offer these services in Chinese, German or English.

For a comprehensive overview of what we can do for you in China, take a look at our China Desk page or directly at the SinaLingua Shanghai homepage.

You can reach our Shanghai office here:


Because of its’ enormous development, Singapore is known as one of the classic tiger states and has quickly become the starting point for business activities throughout Southeast Asia. In 2012, this small state made a big leap that transported it, for the first time, among the top 20 of the United Nations Human Development Index (ahead of France, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein). Despite its gained prosperity, culture and tradition have lost none of their significance. Therefore, being aware of its cultural peculiarities is of utmost importance.

We offer the following trainings in Singapore:

  • Expatriation training Singapore
  • Cross-cultural management training Singapore
  • Germany trainings for local employees (in English)
  • Team trainings for mixed groups

There is hardly a country in the world as culturally diverse and complex as India. On the one hand, you have extremely diverse regions, long-standing traditions and religions. On the other hand, you have new technologies, contemporary culture and modernistic lifestyle. In this combination lie new and previously unimagined possibilities.

We offer the following trainings in India:

  • Expatriate training India
  • Cross-cultural management training India
  • Germany trainings for local employees (in English)
  • Team trainings for mixed groups

“Savoir-vivre" and "Premier Cru" sounds like a holiday dream come true! However, also economically you may fancy France as the cooperation is at once dynamic, promising and engaging!

We offer the following trainings in France:

  • Cross-cultural management training France (for impats)
  • Cross-cultural management training China
  • Germany trainings for local employees
  • German-French Teambuilding

Training languages are German, French and English.

The state of South Africa names three capitals and ten other official languages besides English its’ own. It is also the most developed economic area in Africa. As the only African country that belongs to the G20, it looks forward to an innovative future. Our seminars support you to successfully master South Africa's diversity in business and everyday life.

We offer the following trainings in South Africa:

  • Expatriate training South Africa
  • Cross-cultural management training South Africa
  • Germany trainings for local employees (in German or English)
  • Team trainings for mixed groups
  • International organizational development
  • Cross-cultural coaching & systemic organizational consulting
  • International personnel & executive development
  • Cross-cultural mediation & conflict management in the company
  • Management coaching

The Czech Republic is home to Smetana and Havel, the famous Charles University, Hradcany and the brewery Budějovický Budvar. Due to the country's rapid economic growth, many global companies today also manage their business in Middle, Central and Eastern Europe from here. We will help you to successfully master the business life and everyday life in the Czech Republic.

We offer the following trainings in the Czech Republic:

  • Expatriate training Czech Republic
  • Cross-cultural management trainings in various countries (e.g. China, India, European countries)
  • Germany trainings for local employees (in Czech, German or English)
  • General cultural training
  • Coachings
  • Lectures
  • Team trainings for mixed groups
  • Leadership trainings for executives
  • Career development consulting

Surely, the combination of the can-do attitude coupled with the high degree of self-confidence has played its’ part in turning the USA into a (if not the) leading economic nation. Eight of the ten most valuable brands worldwide are from the USA. Culture, one often hears, is what the Americans seem to lack. Yet, it is precisely the interplay of cultural identity and business that is so brilliantly mastered in the land of dreams and opportunities.

We offer the following trainings in the USA:

  • Expatriate training USA
  • Cross-cultural management training USA
  • Germany trainings for local groups (in German, Spanish or English)
  • Team trainings for mixed groups

Brazil has more to offer than Samba, the Amazon and carnival. Starting with the capital "B" of the BRIC countries, the automotive industry is conquering the whole of South America. Enormous reserves of raw materials are at hand, both inland and right off the coast, and so, prosperity is rising. The emerging country is making itself known throughout the world through oversized sporting events or others. Our seminars will have you discover that the local business culture is just as multi-faceted as the country itself.

We offer the following training courses in Brazil:

  • Expatriate training Brazil
  • Cross-cultural management training Brazil
  • Germany trainings for local employees (in Portuguese or English)
  • Team trainings for mixed groups

In Turkey, Asia meets Europe, economic growth meets tradition, the Orient meets the Occident, the Mediterranean Sea meets the Black Sea. And all of this is what awaits and immediately confronts you as a business traveler upon entering the country. Don’t panic and be prepared for it with the help of our seminars.

We offer the following trainings in Turkey:

  • Expatriate training Turkey
  • Cross-cultural management training Turkey
  • Germany trainings for local employees (in Turkish, German or English)
  • Team trainings for mixed groups