Germany for impats and spouses

Target Group and Topics

In this Blended Learning seminar you will learn how to adapt to German life and your new working environment. Using well-tested role plays and case studies as well as your personal experiences, we will discuss and try out how to put the best of your own and the German culture into practice at your workplace or with German friends.


  • Stereotypes and perceptions: What do Germans think of respective other cultures?
  • Patterns of German society
  • Communication with German colleagues and business partners
  • Everyday life in Germany
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Leadership, project and team work
  • Negotiating with German business partners


  • All sessions will consist of input given by the trainer and interactive role-plays
  • Discussions, case studies and videos

Spouses or partners are very welcome!

Optionally, this seminar can be held in another language (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese) if all participants prefer the alternative. In this case, another trainer may be giving the seminar.



Where: Heidelberg, SinaLingua office

Date: November 7th, 2019

Schedule: 9.30am - 5.30pm

Price: 1.190 EUR, Lunch and two coffee breaks are included

Blended Learning Approach

You will be able to access our digital learning platform. There, diverse options such as food for thought, exercises and discussions will await you both before and after the course. They support the integration of the training results into your daily (work-)life.

Trainer Profile

Your intercultural expert


  • PhD in Slavic and Scandinavian Studies from Freiburg University and Marburg University with several research trips spent in Russia

Professional experience abroad & in Germany:

  • Apprenticeship at a national newspaper with ensuing professional experience as lecturer at the Dublin City University
  • Spokeswoman for amnesty international in London
  • Cross-cultural consultant and trainer for ICUnet.AG for several Germany-based companies

Freelance trainer and coach since 2016

What else?

  • She speaks German, English, Russian, Danish, Polish and Swedish
  • Certified Systemic Coach and Change Manager
  • Further training in moderation techniques, theme-oriented interaction, and autonomous learning


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